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1.Hi, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Alankrita, she is filled with love and gratitude and she’s funny . I put all that I have and I am into my work and my loved ones . I do things for people without them even needing to ask . I look after alot of people around me . I come across as an arrogant lady but it’s just a protective layer . I can manage everything and anything given to me . I do get stressed easily but I am extremely well organised and disciplined. I’m emotional and extremely empathetic. I am extremely religious and spiritual too . I love to clean , I’m slightly borderline ocd ! I collect bags and shoes every time I’m out ! and I’m starting my own studio which will help women and men in transforming themselves. 

I am the sunshine and the hurricane from the quotes you read !



2.Could you talk to us a bit about yourself besides being an actress?

Well besides being an actor I am an entrepreneur and an interior Consultant . I love to help people and bring joy into their lives . I love dancing under the moonlight and riding my horse on a sunny day . I enjoy festivals and birthdays like a child would . I love people and places but I don’t attach myself to just one thing . I’m an overachiever and I’m

Competitive and I clap for others when they win too . 



3.Tell us about the research you had to do to carry out your role?

I believe before you do anything in life it’s always good to be well informed and aware of the anecdotes and the history behind things . It’s the same for a role and you have to get yourself to believe it’s you and you have to be able to let it go once it’s over . Once you get a part to play you have to observe and imagine everything around your part and the other characters . It’s a team effort and I did my research and had a great team backing me and helping me. You have to watch films and read the script in hand more than 20 times.



4.Your first big break in your career?

The grand launch by Amitabhji , Himesh ji and T series in A music album along with My famous Tv commercials which led to films and more videos .


5.Something about you that stands out?

I stand by people no matter what, i am kind and extremely loving . I give and give and I believe my aura makes me stand out .


6.Projects you currently are working on?

Two Films And Two Series.


7.Did the COVID-19 Pandemic affect you in any way?

Yes it did ! Financially, emotionally but I somehow kept my mind at peace and did whatever I could with what was at my disposal to help people and stay sane and be there for those who needed me as much as I could . I felt a slight setback but then things got better . 


8.Do you have any advice for young women who aspire a career like yours?

Yes I do . Be brave don’t succumb to bullies . Carve your own niche and be strong with your boundaries . Believe in yourself and have faith that at the end of the tunnel their will be light and glory . You shouldn’t be bedazzled by Instagram but filter your mind with the societal norms of how a woman should be a good woman who only sits at home, filter the negativity an the comments that bring you down and surround yourself with people who uplift you and your spirit and push you to be better each day. Don’t fall for fake promises but promise yourself to become a brand of your own . Integrity over opportunity always . Be a boss lady, be someone who can help other women see the beauty in them . We must compete but not deplete our energies with the wrong ideologies of success . Be yourself and don’t let the crown slip because of log kya kahenge? !! Make your mark and be kind. 




9.If you could go back in time, what advise would you give your younger self?

Dont hate yourself for the mistakes you made and believe in yourself at your worst . Don’t let people affect you and live for yourself. Be gentle and proud. Be secure you are amazing.



10.Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Married with a beautiful family and have a successful business and set up schools for the underprivileged and and travel with my family and our parents across the globe.


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