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1. Hi, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I would describe myself as a strong-minded woman. I respect myself and my career. All my decisions are very well thought out and I would say that fairness and seriousness define me. What I like most is being surrounded by the people I love, usually a small

group of friends and my family.


2. Tell us about your journey so far?

Eighteen years as a criminal defence lawyer have increased my willpower and determination. During eighteen years of a difficult and challenging work field, I managed to advance in life in a beautiful and feminine manner. Those who know me always say that I keep a warm heart in a cold world. I love people in all their complexity, that's why I like diversity: "princes and paupers", "extraordinary and mediocre", "elegant and graceless", "ugly and beautiful". As a criminal defence lawyer you work most of the times with the “ugly” side of the human nature, but now I choose to be surrounded by "beauty". Today I promote femininity, creativity, fashion.


3. How would you describe your style?

I can write a lot about my style . To me, "beautiful" means luxury. In order to be "unforgettable" you have to invest a lot. A dress without a natural fur it’s incomplete. An expensive accessory defines the style, a fine lace lingerie re-energizes me!


4. How do you define success? What is your take on the ways to achieve long-term success?

Simple: Perseverance! I only move forwards, never backwards!



5. Whom do you attribute your success to?

I dedicate my success to my angel, Beatrice. She is the light of my life. My daughter makes me feel like I am in a magical world of unconditional love! With her by my side I can cross the UNIVERSE! She is my soul and my heart. She inspires me, she scolds me, she tickles me, she gives me ambition, she calms my soul... She is my MUSE !!!


6. Do you think your personal life is affected by your professional life? How?

I'm in perfect balance. I invest in both of them, but life means ups and downs no matter if it’s professional life or personal life, so I’ve learned to successfully manage both of them.



7. What were you like growing up? How would your friends and family have described you?

Honestly? Beautiful, curious, ready for action! Challenges thrilled me. I was a clever and very hard-working child. The fact that I’ve always been a sharp-witted person helped me to never be fooled or taken by surprise.

And from my friends’ point of view, they always describe me as a kind-hearted soul, a loyal person and a friend you can count on.



8. When did your entrepreneurial flair first reveal itself?

My brother used to be a professional fighter. I lived among strong, slightly irrational men. Violence was something common for me! That's when I did my "internship". I managed to balance violence with beauty and power.



9. What is your greatest strength?




10. What are your goals as a model?

I want successful collaborations. I am a very selective person. I’ve worked with serious brands and at the moment I work as a beauty consultant at On Prestige Medical, an aesthetic clinic that takes care of my appearance for 2 years now, doing non invasive procedures and facial treatments.


All of my collaborations have contributed to my achievements regarding my best try to take all my photoshootings to the next level.

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