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Glow factor: Vida Glow’s

It sounds almost too good to be true. What if better skin was as simple as swallowing a small     capsule each morning? And what if that daily ritual could relieve a specific skin concern—say  breakouts or redness—with the same amount of effort it takes to down a gulp of water.                        

Those are the questions Anna Lahey, founder of homegrown beauty supplement company Vida Glow, set out to answer. “We identify a concern, like uneven skin tone, and then we start asking: ‘What are the actives that can help the body with these concerns? How can they work from an ingestible perspective?’” says Lahey, who reverse-engineered the brand’s newest launch, Radiance Advanced Repair – a daily dietary supplement to help reduce free radical damage and support hydration and elasticity—after clocking changes in her own complexion.                                                            

Lahey isn’t alone. Facialists agree that uneven skin tone and an overall lack of glow are among the most common skin concerns, as well as some of the most challenging to shift. There are a number of contributing factors, many of which are unavoidable.
“Environmental aggressors are the key trigger of changes in the skin with stress, hormones, lack of sleep, artificial lights, sun exposure, heat and UV damage having a direct impact on our skin health,” she says. With this external bombardment, how can a daily capsule respond internally? In a nutshell, Vida Glow’s Radiance capsules aim to dial up glow via a potent blend of antioxidants: the good stuff we need to neutralise free radicals from the outside world.

This targeted approach to skin concerns marks a game-changing development in the ingestibles space. In the same way that a serum may address redness or fine lines, Lahey believes ingestible beauty supplements can follow suit. “Radiance will change the way people think about consuming ingestibles, because they will begin to look at them from a functional beauty perspective, similar to how people choose topical skincare for specific needs.”
Of course, the most reliable way to nix any problem zone is two-fold. For Lahey, daily sunscreen application and a well-rounded topical regimen are non-negotiables to her skincare routine. Ditto consistency: like all of Vida Glow’s elixirs, Radiance capsules need to be consumed daily to notice genuine changes in the skin’s overall clarity and tone. “There’s simply no such thing as a quick fix,” affirms Lahey. “If you take Radiance once daily for two months, you’ll see great results.”   

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