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Is makeup the only thing that makes one look beautiful? I guess most of us will say NO! There are many reasons as to why people wear makeup. There could be a lot of reasons but I will be mentioning the one that I came through. The reasons I am going to mention, maybe everyone out there will agree, it's just that what I have come through these years I am sharing. The first reason is that makeup makes one feel confident. This statement may not be applicable for everyone but there are individuals for whom makeup is a blessing. This is something which actually covers all our flaws like blemishes, acne, dark spots and makes us look more beautiful and appealing. Looking good is not bad, if someone is feeling great after covering or hiding their flaws then it's completely alright. It's their skin, they can do whatever they want and however they want to carry themselves. Sometimes it's easy to say that a natural look is what people should show and not by covering themselves under makeup but that’s not true.There are individuals who have faced and been facing a lot with their flaws in their faces.


They are so conscious about their bareface that they lose their confidence and it is because they face bullies about their imperfect face. So for survival if they feel like wearing makeup can make them feel better then I would say just go for it. I can give examples of dramas where it has portrayed how much girls had to face bullies if they were born with imperfect faces. I will mention Korean dramas ( True Beauty, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Birth of a Beauty, She Was Pretty) as I have seen quite some of them in this context. There must be more movies and dramas in this theme which shows the ugly side of being imperfect, how to suffer being born with an imperfect face and the only survival becomes makeup which hides their flaw face and gives them the power of confidence. But as I have mentioned, it's fine to be without makeup and accepting the way we are. Be you, be beautiful.The second reason is that makeup is an art. Not everyone is good at the art of cooking, writing, painting, singing or dancing but makeup is an art in which women can do good with just a little effort. This is a form of art in which you can do a lot of exploration from bold to a very basic one. 

There are no limitations in this form of art. This is also not gender based, all genders can explore the art of makeup. You can see from women, men wearing makeup for magazines, shows to drag queens and kings. Makeup started with just to hide or cover facial imperfection and now it's just doing wonders by crazy explorations. The last reason is that makeup has become such an important part of everyone’s life that it’s really sad that individuals have forgotten the true natural beauty which is being in your own imperfect skin. It's not always covering up your flaws to look perfect, it's about how you look beautiful being different with your flaws. It has become so important for everyone that no one gets out of their home without wearing makeup - it may be a basic one or heavy one but playing an important part of every individual's life. Even popular celebs don’t go out without makeup which influences the younger generation on how important it is to look perfect and hide your imperfection. The reason may be whatever, it's totally up to you whether people out there wear makeup or Not, everything is valid till you feel good about it and does not hurt anyone’s feelings. If it makes you feel best then go for it or if not then be in your own skin that’s also completely alright. It's your happiness which matters at the end of the day. So just do whatever makes you feel beautiful, look beautiful and most importantly makes you feel confident.

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