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We all know how important social media is in each and every aspect of our lives. Influencers, celebrities, and models have been portraying a lifestyle which creates an illusion in our mind that what we need to achieve is their lifestyle but we don’t want to see the deeper side of it. We just get excited just by what they show and not even think about the reality which is hidden in every story. We just blind fold ourselves with what we see in social media and follow them without even trying to look or think about the real side of it. Whatever we see is absolutely perfect but do we even have the time to think about how everything can be so perfect. If we are not perfect then how come the people around us are living and looking so perfect. All these are vague.

Is it possible for each one of us to look perfect? I don’t think that is even possible. We are human beings and imperfection is what we are born with.Then why society expects that women have to be fair and perfect body shape and men to be more muscular. Why are there certain beauty standards that have to be fulfilled by every individual of our society or else we are not accepted the way we are? In order to live peacefully and happily we have to follow whatever the society has made rules.


These rules and the unrealistic beauty standards that society has constructed are not possible to achieve that. These are the standards we people have created in social media in the name of society and also encourage people one way or the other to achieve this unrealistic goal. And this is on us to change this mentality of people around us that how to defeat this kind of thinking for once and for all. This can be achieved just by accepting the way we are with our flaws. We shouldn’t forget that we are born with this imperfection which makes us different and beautiful.


You can help yourself and no one else can do it. So instead of following social media beauty standards, focus on yourself. Look at yourself and try to see what features in yourself that you like the most, try to cherish those everyday and celebrate, feel good about it that you have such beautiful features. If you start to love and accept yourself then everybody else will do so. It's always you who has to have the courage to accept yourself first then you can accept that from others.

Look at the mirror and praise yourself regularly, this will help to grow your self esteem and confidence. If you can face yourself and accept yourself then there is nothing which can stop you from loving yourself.


Self care which is very important. If you can accept yourself then you have to take care of yourself which indirectly makes you feel good. Whenever you get time just try something like-meditating, trying new haircuts and hairstyles, trying new styles, taking care of your skin,  listening to music to boost your mood, doing something which you love, going for a walk and  spending time in nature. Do whatever makes you feel good and look good. 


The aim is to focus on yourself rather than focusing on social media unrealistic beauty  standards. There will be a lot of content that will manipulate you but you have to believe in  yourself and try to focus on what is better for your growth and happiness. If you see yourself  without thinking and focusing on social media beauty standards then you could feel a whole new level of self confidence and beauty in yourself which is definitely best for you.

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