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Interview with Gladys Marin

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1. Hi, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?
I am Gladys Marin Santa, Gerontologist, Fitness Model  featured in international publications and magazines. I was chosen Mrs. Antioquia by Fredy Castaño's Factory Model Agency to compete in Casting Look’ s Mrs. Colombia 2022, one of the most prestigious beauty contests in my country . In my personal life I am a woman happily married to a prestigious surgeon and mother of two wonderful boys.



2. Tell us about your journey so far?

I love to travel. Before the pandemic I adored traveling to Europe up to twice a year, visiting Rome, Paris and Madrid and discovering more distant countries such as Latvia, Russia, Romania, Hungary. Without a doubt, one of the trips that amazed me the most was the one I made to Egypt. Cairo and Luxor are wonderful cities that have a wonderful history that we can feel when contemplating their beautiful and imposing ruins.



3. How would you describe your style?

Casual elegance. I always want to look casual, but without losing elegance.

4. Tell me about your experience as a model.
When I was very young I participated in The Most Beautiful Face of Antioquia (my department/state) where I stood out and they asked me to participate in Miss Colombia. I didn't do it at the time. Then I dedicated myself to my personal business, my family and studying and working. Surprisingly years later while I was walking in a shopping centre in my city, wearing casual clothes (shorts), they were doing casting and some executives saw me and suggested that I appear in a USA Fitness Magazine for Spanish-speaking audiences: "Estilo Fitness ". They asked me to open social networks, I listened to them and I managed to reach a huge number of followers on Instagram and on my Facebook Fan Page. Facebook. From then on I was featured as a fitness model in various publications and magazines such as Passion Fitness  (The leading Fitness Magazine in Las Vegas). Soon I will participate in Mrs. Colombia 2022, which has me very excited.

5. When did you start your body transformation?
All my life I have exercised, since my childhood. 22 years ago I started at the gym.

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6. What keeps you motivated?
I enjoy life, I like to be and feel good. This motivates me.

7. How many days per week do you work out and your normal weekly workout schedule?
I go to the gym five times a week

8. Monday- Shoulders/Triceps/Abs/Cardio
Weekly training:- Every day 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise.
- Resistance (with weights):
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Shoulders, Abdomen and Back
Wednesday: Legs and Buttocks
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Kickboxing, Legs and Buttocks
Saturday: Cardio, Shoulders, Abdomen and Back
Sunday:  Rest

9. What is your favourite muscle group and your favourite exercise for it?
Legs and Gluteus

10. What’s your diet like?
I eat everything, in a moderate way, without depriving myself of anything. I try to include all the food groups to have a balanced diet.

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11. What is your advice to anyone who wants to gain weight and build muscles?
Obviously lifting weights, starting in a moderate way, gradually increasing according to the physical condition that you gain. Being consistent is the most important thing and never give up to achieve your goals.

12. What are your ambitions?
To be a happy human being capable of positively influencing and motivating the community.

13. What is the biggest highlight of your career so far?
Without a doubt, having been chosen as Mrs. Antioquia by the Factory Model Agency to participate in Casting Look´s Mrs. Colombia Intercontinental. In addition, I have been featured in numerous press articles and international fitness magazines.

14. What are your goals as a model?
Right now I am focused on the goal of Winning Mrs. Colombia 2022

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